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Pom Pom


About Pom Pom: 

Pom Pom is an adorable Rooster who loves the women. He thinks hes pretty cool and also thinks you're pretty cool but is quite shy. He's not very large so he really does a horrible job at protecting anything but none the less a great addition to a flock. He loves to take care of the girls and watch over them, he also loves when you give him food separate from everyone else so he can feel like he's bonding with you. With a little love he could be a perfect buddy.

Personality: Shy, gentle and loving. 

General Requirements: They can not be re-homed to anyone living in a residential area, they are not to be eaten or sold, not to be used for breeding purposes and must be kept in a secure predator proof enclosure/coop at night time.

Age: 1 Year

Sex: Male

Breed: Silky x Bantam

Price: $10

All Roosters come lice treated and vet checked.