About Oscar: 

Oscar was born into a colony of 40 cats that lived in and around a hoarders house. He was extremely shy, timid and sick when he came to us. The first month of his life with us he spent hiding under a pillow with his sister Cleo. 

Oscar has come a very long way but still needs to find a family that will provide him with love and the time he needs to completely come out of his shell. He loves pats and cuddles as long as you come to him and he is easily handled. 


 He is a very lazy boy but has the most gentle and sweet nature. He loves the company of other cats but loves food and toys even more. He loves to play fight with his sister and Girlfriend. He loves his Girlfriend so much and will just purr from the sight of her, he's always trying to impress her and get her attention.

Personality: A shy couch potato that secretly loves attention. Will become active for food and toys. 

Specific Requirements: Oscar must be re-homed with his girlfriend Cinnamon as they have an unbreakable bond. They love each other so much and find comfort in each other. Please view Cinnamon's profile too if interested in Oscar.

Oscar needs a quiet household, definitely no dogs as he is frightened easily. He's the type of cat that would love to just sit on the lounge and watch TV with you. Very laid back and lazy, he has a bed that will come with him as he is obsessed with it and doesn't go anywhere without it. He has even been to the vets in his bed. His food must also be kept away from his bed as he will grab the food out of the bowl with his paw and take it to his bed to eat. 

General Requirements: Due to the time these cats have been with us, they will not be able to have a name change in the near future. They were socialized using their current names and they respond, and love their names.

All cats are to be strictly inside only cats, with the exception of outdoor day enclosures. These cats have been out on the streets before and they are terrified of going back. These cats will run and hide out of fear if exposed to outside, they also deserve to be kept safe from cars, predators and strangers. Please note cats also should be kept inside to keep wildlife safe.

New diets will have to be integrated slowly to avoid digestive problems. If changing diets please purchase a daily probiotic for cats to minimise the risk of digestive upset, it is also a good idea to purchase this for maintenance of your cats health and to avoid digestive upset caused by stress.

Age: 2 Years

Sex: Male

Desexed: Yes

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Microchip Number: 900079000651514

Price: $160 (Price includes Cinnamon's Adoption fee).

All Cats come de-sexed and micro-chipped with lifetime registration, vet-checked, wormed, flea treated and vaccinated. 


P.o Box 268,

Morisset, NSW, 2264