About Mini: 

Mini is a shy darling that is coming out of her shell. She is very gentle natured but needs a family that will be patient with her and help her gain confidence. She will walk around and talk to you, enjoys the occasional pat when laying down or eating. She likes to brush up against your legs and sometimes will tap you on the legs for a pat.

Mini is FELV positive meaning she must be kept as an only cat and kept indoors (please refer to her medical notes for more information). She needs a family to love her unconditionally and help her blossom. She will be forever grateful and I have no doubt she will make the best pet with a bit of love.

Personality: Shy but sweet, gentle natured and loving on her own terms.

Specific Requirements: Mini is FELV positive so she must not be housed with other cats unless they are also FELV positive. She must be kept as an indoor only cat.

Medical Notes: FELV positive cats can live a happy life just like other cats and aren’t much different to care for than cats who do not have the virus. FELV causes a weaker immune system, meaning she can get sick easier than most cats. She is perfectly healthy otherwise.

This means she must be kept as an indoor cat, in a household where she is the only cat unless they also have FELV as it is contagious. It is a cat only virus meaning it can not spread to other animals or humans. Twice yearly vet checks and an immune boosting supplement in her food each day will keep her in good health. Keeping her happy and healthy is paramount :) All she needs is a caring environment with a family who will love her unconditionally.

We will also provide the immune boosting supplement we recommend with her adoption :)

General Requirements: All cats are to be strictly inside only cats, with the exception of outdoor day enclosures. These cats have been out on the streets before and they are terrified of going back. These cats will run and hide out of fear if exposed to outside, they also deserve to be kept safe from cars, predators and strangers. Please note cats also should be kept inside to keep wildlife safe.

Mini is currently eating Felix in jelly as she is very fussy, any other diet will have to be integrated slowly to avoid digestive problems. If changing diets please purchase a daily probiotic for cats to minimise the digestive upset, it is also a good idea to purchase this for maintenance of your cats health and to avoid digestive upset caused by stress.

Age:  3 years

Sex: Female

Desexed: Yes

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Microchip Number: 978101082245946

Price: $100

All Cats come de-sexed and micro-chipped with lifetime registration, vet-checked, wormed, flea treated and vaccinated.