About Fluffington: 

Fluffington came from Cobar pound in rural NSW with her 5 children. They unfortunately had been in the pound for a long time with no rescue to step in to help them find a forever home. We were put in touch with the pound after falling in love with them and their story, we then arranged to have them transported the 8 hour trip to our Sanctuary.
Fluffington is the most affectionate and needy cat. It is beyond words how affectionate she really is. She loves to give cuddles like a human would and will climb up your chest and wrap her arms around you and fall asleep hugging you which is.... ADORABLE! She is very talkative and loves to have a conversation with you, the second she hears your voice she will call out to you and get so excited. She loves to sleep on your chest and be with you every chance she gets, she loves kisses and being as close to you as possible.


Personality: Extremely Affectionate and needy.

Specific Requirements: Fluffington hates other cats and animals so she needs to be the only inside animal in the household.

General Requirements: All cats are to be strictly inside only cats, with the exception of outdoor day enclosures. These cats have been out on the streets before and they are terrified of going back. These cats will run and hide out of fear if exposed to outside, they also deserve to be kept safe from cars, predators and strangers. Please note cats also should be kept inside to keep wildlife safe.

New diets will have to be integrated slowly to avoid digestive problems. If changing diets please purchase a daily probiotic for cats to minimise the risk of digestive upset, it is also a good idea to purchase this for maintenance of your cats health and to avoid digestive upset caused by stress.

Age: 3 Years

Sex: Female

Desexed: Will be desexed on the 27th of March

Breed: Domestic Long Hair

Microchip Number: 991003000272317

Price: $60

All Cats come de-sexed and micro-chipped with lifetime registration, vet-checked, wormed, flea treated and vaccinated. 


P.o Box 268,

Morisset, NSW, 2264