About Cinnamon: 

Cinnamon was rescued by a different rescue and found a home very quickly. Unfortunately she was left at the vets by her family and they never returned to collect her and when asked they no longer wanted her. She was heartbroken but we took her on in a heartbeat.

She has some slight trust issues which is to be expected but she really is such a loving and gentle soul. She just melts with pats, loves to brush up against your legs and will just about do anything to get your attention, a very cute girl. 

She is very elegant in her movements and well mannered, she loves to talk and has a very cute meow. This little princess deserves to finally find her forever home, a place of unconditional love.

Personality: Affectionate, talkative and elegant.

Specific Requirements: Cinnamon must be re-homed with her boyfriend Oscar as they have an unbreakable bond. They love each other so much and find comfort in each other. Please view Oscar's profile if interested in adopting Miss Cinnamon.

General Requirements: Due to the time these cats have been with us, they will not be able to have a name change in the near future. They were socialized using their current names and they respond, and love their names.

All cats are to be strictly inside only cats, with the exception of outdoor day enclosures. These cats have been out on the streets before and they are terrified of going back. These cats will run and hide out of fear if exposed to outside, they also deserve to be kept safe from cars, predators and strangers. Please note cats also should be kept inside to keep wildlife safe.

All cats are on Grain-Free (wet and dry) diets with Applaws 100% natural treats and cat milk unless specified otherwise, any other diet will have to be integrated slowly to avoid digestive problems. If changing diets please purchase a daily probiotic for cats to minimise the digestive upset, it is also a good idea to purchase this for maintenance of your cats health and to avoid digestive upset caused by stress.

Age:  2 years

Sex: Female

Desexed: Yes

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Microchip Number: 978101082246549

Price: $160 (Includes Oscar's Adoption fee).

All Cats come de-sexed and micro-chipped with lifetime registration, vet-checked, wormed, flea treated and vaccinated. 


P.o Box 268,

Morisset, NSW, 2264