Who are we?

Mandalong Animal Sanctuary & Rescue is a safe haven for ALL animals. We rescue and take in all kinds of animals from all walks of life. We also offer adoption services and are strictly No Kill, all animals that fail to find a home will be welcomed into a forever home at our Sanctuary.


Our Sanctuary

The Mandalong Animal Sanctuary homes all kinds of rescued animals, we often house animals with ongoing medical conditions, disabilities or are hard to re-home. These animals receive the absolute best and we will accommodate any animals needs to ensure they live a long and happy life.

We currently have many rescue animals in permanent care including Geese, Chickens, Roosters, Ducks, Fish, Chicks, Birds, Peacocks, Cats, Rabbits, Reptiles & Dogs.

We are also located next to Let The Ladies Go Chicken Rescue which houses around 2,500 Chickens at a time. We partner with them to provide care for sick, injured and disabled Chickens.

Stephanie is also a registered Wildlife Carer with Wildlife A.R.C and provides a safe haven for injured, orphaned and sick wildlife through the Sanctuary as well.